Betting on NBA player props is very exciting because the result of the NBA game does not affect your bet. Our NBA experts search for the best free props every day by closely analyzing teams, match-ups and more. Check the player props on our site daily for the most up-to-date NBA games.

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Latest Winning NBA Player Props

Regular Season

Thursday 06 May
7:00 PM ET

Chicago Bulls
Charlotte Hornets

P.J. Washington Over 15.5

Regular Season

Monday 03 May
7:30 PM ET

Golden State Warriors
New Orleans Pelicans
Points, Rebounds & Assists

Zion Williamson Over 40.5

Regular Season

Sunday 02 May
8:00 PM ET

Philadelphia 76ers
San Antonio Spurs
3-Pointers Made

Seth Curry Over 1.5

Regular Season

Sunday 02 May
3:30 PM ET

Brooklyn Nets
Milwaukee Bucks

Kevin Durant Over 27.5


An NBA player prop enables you to bet on the individual performance of a player during an NBA game. The winner of the game, and whether there are more or fewer points, makes no difference with this type of bet. The most common player props are:

  • The number of points a player scores
  • The number of rebounds caught
  • The number of assists a player has
  • The total number of points, assists and rebounds
  • Other statistics such as turnovers or steals

Most bets are on the total or over/under the line given by the bookmaker, for example, whether LeBron James scores more or less than 26.5 points. Many bookies will offer different lines at different odds. Let's take the following over/under of Stephen Curry as an example:

  • Over 29.5 Points - odds -120 (1.83)
  • Under 29.5 Points - odds -120 (1.83)
  • Over 24.5 Points - odds -250 (1.40)
  • Under 24.5 Points - odds +240 (3.40)

NBA player props

You can also bet on player props that combine points, rebounds and assists. The points scored are added together at the end of the game to generate the total score. For example, one bookmaker may set the line on James Harden at 48.5 points, rebounds and assists. Your bet will win if the sum of points, rebounds and assists is greater than or equal to 49. Some bookies also offer the possibility of placing a bet on double-double or triple-double. Our experts analyze each NBA game every day in search of the best props. 


You can generate a lot of profit on NBA player props with the right strategy. We win 70% of our player props bets with our special system. We provide these bets to our premium users for free. Not a premium user yet? Register now!

If you want to bet successfully on player props, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the matchup of a player against his opponents?
  • Are stars being spared or injured?
  • What is the coach's matchup plan?
  • Is there the possibility of a blowout?

For example, if a star of a team drops out, the other players will usually score 90% of their points. If one of the best teams plays against one of the worst teams, a blowout may occur. Usually, the coach will not let the starting five play in the 4th quarter if they have a big lead. As you can see, there are many factors to take into consideration when betting on player props, and we are happy to do this work for you!


All American and Canadian bookmakers will allow you to bet on props. 

A tip from our experts: Open betting accounts with several bookies because the offered odds and lines vary between bookies. This is how you can generate maximum profit at the end of the day. 

The best U.S. bookmakers for betting NBA player props:

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The best Canadian bookies for betting NBA player props:

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