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We’ve got what you want - today’s best bets! Our experts with more than 15 years of betting experience are ready to provide you with the best bets today for the most popular U.S. sports games every day. We proudly offer picks for the NFL, NBA and NHL. We also cover soccer picks on MLS as well as the best leagues in Europe. Check back daily!

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What makes a great free betting tip?

The answer is quite simple - a great free betting tip must be profitable in the long run. What is a profitable sports bet? The following two questions are essential to understand how to make money in the long run with sports betting:

  • How do I find value bets?
  • What is profit?

How to find value bets

A value bet is a bet in which you assume the bookie has set the odds incorrectly. This means the probability of winning your bet is higher than the odds offered by the bookmaker. For example, let’s say the Los Angeles Lakers are playing at home against the Boston Celtics. The bookmaker offers odds of -130 (1.77) for a home win. The bookie assumes that the Lakers will win the game at 56.5%. Let's imagine that in your analysis of this game, you come up with a 62.5% probability that the Lakers will win. The bookmaker's betting odds should be -167 (1.60). Congratulations, you have found a value bet!

If you can determine the probability of the outcome of a sports game, you will make a profit on value bets in the long run. If you don't earn a profit on your value bets, then you must revise your strategy for determining probability.

What is profit?

The goal of sports betting is to make a profit. Why is profit more important than the number of bets won? Here are two examples to answer that question:

The hit rate of 80% with average odds of -500 (1.20)

Let's assume that you place 100 bets with a stake of $10 on betting odds of -500 (1.20), and 80% of your bets are correct. At first glance this looks very good, however, if you look at the betting odds in terms of the number of correct bets, you can see that you would lose profit in the long run with this strategy. In this example, the loss would be $40, which is -4% of your invested capital.

The hit rate of 60 % with average odds of -120 (1.83)

If you win 60% of your placed bets with average odds of -120 (1.83), you will make a profit in the long run. If you made 100 bets with a stake of $10 per bet, the profit would be $98, which is an increase of almost +10% of your invested capital.

The higher the odds, the more losing bets you can afford and still make profitable bets.

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Which sports are covered by our today's free sports picks?

We publish the best bets today every day at around 4 p.m. ET. Our focus on free sports betting tips is for the major U.S. sports leagues: the NFL, NBA and NHL. 

NFL best bets todayNFL Picks: Here you will find the best free NFL expert picks against the spread every week, from week 1 to the Super Bowl. We publish ATS (against the spread) picks, over/under picks and NFL player props

NBA best bets todayNBA Picks: Free NBA picks also contain ATS picks, over/under picks and NBA player props. We also have a free premium area geared toward NBA bets. Join the premium area for the best NBA player props which are sent via SMS directly to your cell phone. These are short-term player props that have a hit rate of over 70%. 

NHL best bets todayNHL Picks: We also offer free betting tips on the NHL. The NHL expert picks mainly include over/under bets, moneyline and puckline bets.

soccer picks Soccer Picks: Soccer is becoming increasingly popular in the USA. This is why we cover soccer picks & predictions on MLS as well as the best leagues in Europe. 

Check our site every day to make sure you don't miss any of our daily picks!

How do we find the best sports picks today?

Together with our experts, we have developed a strategy that allows us to find the best bets today with a great deal of value. Our experts are always up-to-date with the most recent information, which enables them to accurately assess whether or not betting odds are valuable. Here on our site, you will only see bets in which we have found value based on our model. Only with value betting and the ability to determine accurate probability can you gain lasting profits. 

How do I find the best sportsbooks?

Using the best bookmaker is extremely important in sports betting. Bookmakers are differentiated by:

  • Website operation
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • Betting odds
  • Number of betting options
  • Customer service

We have compared all of the best American bookmakers based on the above criteria just for you. American bettors can easily filter by state to find the best legal bookmakers near you. We don't want to give away too much information just yet, but Draft Kings, Fanduel and William Hill performed the best in our tests and also have sports betting licenses in most states where sports betting is legal. The best Canadian bookmakers that are tried and trusted are betway, Unibet, and William Hill. A lucrative bonus is waiting for each new customer who registers with these sportsbooks. 

Check Out the Greatest Free Bets

Nowadays, almost every bookie offers free bets to customers. Most free bets are aimed at new customers who do not yet have a betting account with the respective online sportsbook. We present to you the best American free bets and Canadian free bets from all of the best bookmakers.